Android 4.2 Gesture Keyboard Now Available For Download


Remind the Android 4.2 Gesture feature about which we described couple of days ago? Actualy Gesture typing iis A keyboard input mode that allows users to swipe through letters to type, something that users of the popular Swype keyboard should be quite familiar with.

Now you can download it and install it as its pulled out from Android 4.2. It doesn’t seem to be the final build though, so as always you’re on your own if you get into trouble with it.


Follow steps below:


For Non-stock Android devices:

1.  If you have a non-stock Android device, like a Galaxy S3 or RAZR HD, just install it.
2.  Download the app from above, and install it like you would any other 3rd party app.
3.  Then head into Keyboard settings and activate the keyboard.
4.  Then open a text box and change to this new keyboard.

For Stock Android devices:

1.  You will have to flash a .zip file to overwrite your current stock keyboard.
2.  You can download it here.
3.  Yes, you need to be rooted.
4.  Yes, you should backup your old keyboard, just in case.
5.  If you are running a ROM, feel free to try and install it.

So install and share your views via comments.

Via :AP

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