Android For Desktop/Laptop Coming – Files For Trackpad Patent

Google looking like that Google is ready to enter Desktop and Laptop Market. To help Android transition into laptops and desktops, is a patent filed by Google in Q3 of last year (just now published in February) detailing a few multitouch gestures that can be done on a trackpad in lieu of a touchscreen.

Android 4.0 already works quite well with a standard mouse, but the touchpad support is limited. Thankfully this latest patent describes multi-touch events like two-finger scrolling, pinch to zoom, and flinging content. Some have speculated that Google will implement webtop-like features into Android 5.0, which is something I have been predicting since last year.
What areas of Android would you like to see Google improve upon before you would give up your desktop or laptop operating systems?
Source: PatentlyApple
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