Android L’s Project Volta Detailed

Project Volta Will allow you to save your Battery Life for much more time...


As we know Google has previewed Android L with lot of new stuff from Performance to Visualizations. Overall new era of Android has started with Android One, Android Auto and many more things. We will come to them one by one. Let’s find what the heck is the Android L  Project Volta ?

 Project Volta

As like of the Project butter in Jelly Bean, Google has launched Project Volta in Android L for Battery life improvement. Project Volta will include battery saving tools for developers and users alike. Despite looks, Project Volta focuses on usability, specifically battery life. This new technique of battery usage and monitoring include many new ways which will help you to reduce the battery usage. Its battery historian helps you to find out which app is draining your battery. Currently the battery usage stats are useless as it only provides tiny details which can be used to monitor apps only.

On the developer side, a new Job Scheduler API can keep the device asleep a higher percentage of the time, then schedule tasks to run at more opportune times such as when it is charging. On the user side of things, there is now going to be a built-in Battery Saver mode, similar to what you would find on a new Samsung or HTC device.

In comparison to the Power saver modes of Samsung or HTC, the Google’s mode will give you acces to use the device for 90 minutes with 5% of power usage. Google is using different matrix for this new Project volta to make your device stand for much more time on this new version, Android L.

Check the list of all features of Android L here.

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