Android Share In China Passes 90% Smartphone Market



Android is on a roller coaster in China as its now have 90% share in Chinese Smartphone Market. Android has purely outed all other Operating Systems in China. In this year’s last quarter Android has 83 percent Smartphone Market Share but its higher demand has knocked off other Smartphones.

These Stats are courtesy of Analysis International, and it also shows that iOS has dropped from six percent to 4.2%. Nokia Symbian has fallen sharply in this year in china from nearly 32% in the second quarter of 2011 to around 2.4% today. Other platforms like Windows, Blacberry, etc are used at negligible percentages.

This thing is happening even when Google’s participation in the Android device market in China is limited, but there are plenty of manufacturers in the area that are fleshing out their own Android variants.

Android is a hit in China.

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