Assistant will soon help you find local professionals


Google search has become such a vital part of our lives that it has become the central entity for all kinds of search. Nonetheless, it is not strange these days to search for professional help on Google. Say, you need an electrician, if you don’t have a contact, the place you are likely to head to next is Google.

Till now, there has been no dedicated feature for such stuff on Google. But it appears Google is planning to add one to Assistant. The example displayed in a demo is of a plumber here. When you search for a plumber, Assistant will ask you a particular issue. After selecting, you can either select from a number of suggested contacts or call one right away.

Assistant will also make sure services offered are authentic and have a good satisfactory record. The feature is still not live but will soon roll out in the coming weeks. I can imagine it will be exclusive to US initially but other countries may get it soon.


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