How to Fix Google Assistant not working on Pixel Buds Pro


Unexpectedly, Android 13 has bought multiple bugs and glitches to the mobile software system. From battery to display, almost everything is lagging after the latest update Likewise, Google Assistant on Pixel Buds Pro is also facing some issues. If you are looking for how you can resolve the “Google Assistant not working” on Pixel Buds Pro, here’s your solution!

Google Assistant

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As you already know, Google Assistant works just like Alexa and Siri. The platform allows you to take control of your device and perform desired actions via voice commands. All you have to do is say “OK Google” or “Hey Google” followed by your control. Also, you can long-press the home menu button to trigger the Assistant.

Unfortunately, after the Android 13 update, the users are facing several issues, including the inability to cooperate with Google Assistant on Pixel Buds Pro. Precisely, the app is not responding to any command like ‘OK Google.’ In fact, touching and holding the Pixel Buds Pro is not working either.

Performing any action to wake up the Assistant ends up providing an error sound from the device. The problem can get on someone’s nerves as even the notifications are not getting announced.

On the other hand, the Assistant works normally when it is not connected to Pixel Buds Pro and is limited to when the phone is operating on Andriod 13 OS. Therefore, we can say that some onboard bugs with Android 13 are the reason behind this issue.

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