Automated Hashtag Introduced On G+ At Google I/O 2013


The recently introduced 41 G+ features includes automated hashtag. Yes this will gonna be live by later today. We don’t need to add hashtags onto every post we post as we did before on to other social networks. The new algorithm behind this is very accurate in hashtagging all the important venues, place, landmarks,people,celebrities.

Adding  on to more we came to know that this automated hash tag search will not be only working live on text posts but also on pictures that we post on G+the representative at the Google I/O 2013 explained this by taking a picture that includes a person and an Eiffel tower in the background so the awesome algorithm makes an image search and find the appropriate tag that is probably Eiffel tower and tags it. As we can never always rely on automation one has a right to deploy the hashtag if he finds it incorrect !

stay tuned to read more on Google I/O 2013. There is much more to reveal !


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