Google Now Receives New Cards For Reminders, Real-Time Public Transit, TV And Books


Google also also outed new cards for the Android 4.1 bound – Google Now feature at Google IO 2013. Users can now surf additional cards like TV, Public Transit, Books, Reminders and Music. These will be soon available on both Google and iOS devices.

google plus new cards

Now you will get launch dates or showtimes for Books, TV and Albums. If it give accurate information about all the real time Public transit then it will be very helpful for users. Currently Public Transit will be available in selected cities and in Japan there will be get a “last train home” alert also.

Update: Currently this functionality is available for Google Android but its unknown for iOS Operating System. hope they would also get it soon.

SOURCE: Google Search (Google Play)

More happening at Google IO 2013 is listed as:

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