Best Android Apps for Designers (2019)


The smartphones we use today are incredibly powerful. In fact, most of them can easily beat the full-fledged desktop computers that we used a decade ago in terms of computation power. This is the reason why we have a slew of advanced mobile apps that can help you with all kinds of tasks including graphic design. In fact, the following are some of the Best Android design apps that you can use today to make your job easier and create some of the most amazing designs while lying on a couch:

Adobe Photoshop Mix

Adobe Photoshop Mix is an intuitive and powerful photo editing app that won’t disappoint you. Of course, when it’s coming from a company that’s more of a crème de la crème in the graphic design industry, then top-quality is a given. However, don’t take our word for it and use it yourself to see what kind of amazing features it has to offer. These include cutting tools for carving small sections and merging multiple photos seamlessly, FX Looks filters that allow you to turn simple photos into surrealistic masterpieces and non-destruction editing that protects your original images from visual experiments.

Tailor Brands Logo Maker

Tailor Brands logo maker app is a product of the well-known branding company Tailor Brands that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to offer affordable and premium branding solutions to small and big business across the globe. It’s is the perfect app for you if you want to create high-quality and unique logos easily and quickly. This is because, with this nifty tool, you barely have to do any work- it comes with a proprietary AI module that can understand your logo preferences like a human designer and create some of the best logos for you. All you have to do is share a few details like the name of your brand, industry, and logo-type (icon-based, lettermark, wordmark, etc.), and let it do its thing.

Adobe Lightroom CC

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC is another free but versatile photo editing tool which comes packed with tons of features like presets that can help you make dramatic changes with just a tap, bulk edits for refining a large number of photos at the same time, and curves for advanced editing involving color, tone, exposure, and contrast.

Lightroom CC has been one of the most-loved photo editing tools for both average users and professionals for years. However, now it’s become even more attractive as Adobe rolled out an update recently which has brought many interesting changes like profile and preset synchronization across multiple devices, custom presets, expanded HDR Support Technology Preview, and more!  


If you want to sketch on your mobile or tablet almost like using an actual sheet of paper, then you can use SketchBook. It’s beast of a tool for professional artists that offers over 100 kinds of brushes that allow you to create intricate sketches with the smallest of details edited to perfection. What’s more, you can create your own brushes and accentuate your work with special effects like a smudge, glow, etc.  

SketchBook is also recommended if you want to create designs with multiple layers as there is no upper limit on the number, and you can also use its predictive stroke feature to finish complex designs faster.

Infinite Painter

If you are feeling artistic, then instead of picking up a palette and brush, you can just pick your phone and launch Infinite Painter. As you would imagine, it’s a painting app that allows you to unlock your “infinite” potential by equipping you with over 80 brush presets and assorted tools including pattern tool, transform tools, and liquify tool.

Infinite Painter is easily one of the most advanced and polished painting apps in the Google Play store. With it in your phone, you can use Photoshop-compatible layers, experiment with four types of symmetry, draw complex 3D cityscape with the help of five perspective guides, and more! Granted the app has a few bugs that can be annoying at times but overall, it’s nothing less than a state of the art painting studio that you can carry in your pocket.


Paperless is a simple but practical android app that can be used for painting with brushes, pencil, watercolours, or feather ink (whatever calls to you in a particular moment). It comes with all the basic tools like colour picker, bucket picker, eraser, etc. and is backed by a proprietary ink engine that provides awe-inspiring results. It’s also customizable which means that you can adjust the drawing line however you want and change its size, thickness, smoothness, etc.

The one thing that you may not like about Paperless is that it’s not free but if you can look past that, then it’s an incredible design tool that you want in your phone.

Graphic Design Simplified

The apps we have covered above only go to show that graphic design has become easier than ever. So, why not use your smartphone to alleviate some of your burdens and draw, sketch, and paint when you are on the go? You will be amazed by the kind of results these apps can provide.

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