Best Custom ROMs for Xiaomi Mi A3


Xiaomi Mi A3 that was launched back in July 2019 is a very popular device. Because of its competitive pricing and powerful specs. As the device is running on Android one program out of the box. If you don’t like to use the Stock Android experience than you should install custom ROM based on your requirement. We have listed some of the best custom ROMs for Xiaomi Mi A3.

best custom roms xiaomi mi A3

Xiaomi Mi A3 is packed with powerful specs that include a 6.01-inch display with a 720 x1560 pixel resolution. The display is also protected with corning gorilla glass 5.  Mi A3 is also packed with a triple camera setup at the back that consists of 48MP main camera + 8MP ultrawide + 2MP depth sensor. On the front side, the phone is packed with a 32MP camera sensor.

The phone comes in various variants based on RAM and storage capacities. That includes 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage variant, 4GB RAM and 128GB internal storage variant and 6GB RAM and 256GB internal storage variant. Xiaomi Mi A3 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 Soc and Adreno 610 GPU.

What is Custom ROM?

If you don’t know Custom ROM is the firmware for Android Phones that is a customized version of Android by third-party developers. Developers Edit the Android code and develop a Custom ROM that can enhance the performance of your phone or tablet. To install the Custom ROM on any phone you have to unlock bootloader and root your Android device.

In this article, to install Custom ROM on Xiaomi Mi A3 you have to unlock bootloader and root your phone. You must see our Guide to unlock the bootloader of Mi A3.

So now you can see the Best Custom ROMS for Xiaomi Mi A3 listed below. Choose the best one according to your needs. We have listed the ROMS along with there features that work and do not work on Xiaomi Mi A3 after flashing.

List of Custom ROMs for Xiaomi Mi A3

Pixel Experience ROM

The Pixel Experience ROM is based on ASOP (Android Open Source Project). As its name suggests Pixel Experience Custom ROM has all the features from Google Pixel phones. Pixel Experience ROM for Xiaomi Mi A3 is based on Android 10.

Screenshots of PixelExperience ROM for Xiaomi mi A3
Screenshots of PixelExperience ROM

After flashing this ROM, users do not need to install Gapps separately as the Pixel Experience ROM is packed with Gapps. Almost all the features work flawlessly, that include WiFi, RIL, GPS, Camera, Flashlight, Bluetooth, Lights, GPS, etc. Moreover, there are not any known issues in this ROM. That’s the main reason we have placed the Pixel Experience ROM at the top of our list of best Xiaomi Mi A3 Custom ROMs. To flash Pixel Experience ROM on your Mi A3 you have to download it by going through the link below.



It is based on Android 10 ASOP and it is packed with the user interface just like Google Pixel. Havoc OS is having a refined Material Design if we compare it with stock ROM of Xiaomi Mi A3. Although, Havoc OS 3.0 is an unofficial ROM still it has so many features and there is not any known issue with this ROM.

Havoc-OS-3.0 ROM for Xiaomi Mi A3

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Havoc OS 3.0 ROM for Xiaomi Mi A3 almost has all the features working. That includes Wifi, RIL, Mobile data, Fingerprint on display, GPS, Camera, Flashlight, Camcorder, Bluetooth, Lights, Sound/vibration, and more.  Havoc OS is not having inbuilt GApps, you have to install it separately to use Google Apps such as Launcher, icons, fonts, and wallpapers. To flash Havoc OS 3.0 on your Mi A3, download it from the link given below and follow the instructions.



It is based on AOSP (Android Open Source Project) and packed with Google Apps. That means you don’t need to install GApps separately to use the Google services.  AtomOS ROM has almost all features in the working state. That includes Wifi, RIL, Mobile data, Fingerprint on display, GPS, Camera, Flashlight, Camcorder, Bluetooth, FM radio, fingerprint reader, NFC, Lights, Sound/vibration, and more.

Atomos ROM for Xiaomi Mi A3

Moreover, Atom ROM doesn’t have any issue after installing it on your phone. To flash this ROM on your Xiaomi Mi A3 download it from the link below. Before flashing Atom ROM read the instructions given.


Paranoid Android Quartz

It is designed by Hampus Olsson and based on Paranoid ROM. The Paranoid Android Quartz is packed with a refined user interface of Paranoid ROM. It also has an Abstruct App, that is packed with Paranoid Android Wallpapers. The ROM includes some adjustments and improvements on top of the stock Android CAF base.

paranoid android ROM

Paranoid Android Quartz does not include Google services, to install it you have to flash Gapps zip. Here it’s important to tell you that the ROM is in the alpha stage and carries some bugs which make might cause some issues to your phone. If you want to flash the Paranoid Android Quartz Alpha ROM on your Xiaomi Mi A3, Follow the instructions given on the download link below.


The PixysOS ROM is based on AOSP and provides a very smooth user-interface. It takes the features from various Custom ROM providers that include AOSCP, Dirty Unicorns, Pixel experience, AOSP extended, LineageOS, Nitrogen OS, Bootleggers ROM, and Superior OS.

pixysos for Xiaomi Mi A3

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PixysOS ROM is based on Android 10. Moreover, there is not any issue reported by users after flashing the ROM. So if you want to install this ROM download it from the link given below.


That’s it, above listed Custom ROMs are Best available for Xiaomi Mi A3. We will regularly update this list with some new entries as they come. If you have some recommendations do share with us via comments below.

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