Chameleon Launcher 1.1 Update Comes With New Widgets



After month leaving beta Chameleon launcher 1.1 has been updated and this time fleet of new widgets is added to Chameleon Launcher 1.1. Alsong with Google+ widget and super-sexy GCal widget Chameleon Launcher 1.1 also added support stock Android widgets.

Earlier the interface is intuitive and quick to set up, but it was missing so far built in widgets. There are some more features you can checkout in chagelog:

  1. Drastically reduced the likelihood of blank widgets occurring.
  2. Sleepy home screens are back. Home screens will go into sleep mode after 15mins.
  3. Custom wallpapers addition/sharing has been improved. (better intent handling)
  4. Custom wallpapers are now saved at full quality with no hit to performance.
  5. All widgets got some clean up, fixes and tweaks.
  6. Fixed a bug in the widget update mechanism
  7. Context time window was updated.
  8. App tray addition and removal bug fixes.
  9. Fixed occasional app tray icon disappearing bug. Trick?
  10. Widget resize fixes.
  11. Java Script API fixes/tweaks (coming to the Dev API docs soon)
  12. Fixed some rendering and performance issues on Android 3.2 devices
  13. Enhanced the Weather widget settings panel.
  14. Enhanced Weathers city search intelligence for returning proper city codes.
  15. Fixed a YouTube layout issue that was irritating one of our designers.
  16. Twitter and Gmail widgets require that your timezone and time are set correctly or the Twitter/Google services will just ignore you.

You can checkout the a new teaser video showing this new feature.

Along with that the update probably accompanied the usual performance and stability improvements. The Chameleon Launcher is in Google Play Store for 7.86 euros available, which is a pretty steep price.

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