Chrome for Android Update Available With Safe Browsing Features


Google has rolled out new update to the Chrome for Android with some security enhancements in the Safe Browsing context.


Chrome for Android is getting some security patches for the bugs that are discovered in the final quarter of the 2015. New update will provide much better security against the malware, unwanted apps and social engineered websites. So if you guys are effed up of those pop up sites you need to download this update to cure it.

It is the first app that is using Google Services 8.1 safe browsing feature, “Network bandwidth and battery are the scarcest resources on a mobile device, so we had to carefully rethink how to best protect mobile users. Some social engineering attacks only happen in certain parts of the world, so we only send information that protects devices in the geographic regions they’re in.”

So now safe browsing is on by default or you can do so by heading to Settings -> Privacy in the Google Chrome.

SOURCEPlay Store
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