Cyanogenmod Merges Google Voice with 3rd Party SMS


A good news for the Google Voice SMS fans. The Cyanogenmod Team with the help of a developer from India, has managed to create a workaround for that will allow to send SMS through any app using the Google Voice Service.Well this feature is not available on the stock ROM of your Android phone. So here is one more reason to Root your Phone today.

cyanogenmod 10.1

The developer, Koush’s app would be included on the Stock Cyanogenmod, and requires you to install the Google Voice app, and a single time Google Voice Account sign to work.

Once you’ve configured everything, both the first party, and the third party messaging apps would forward all messages to Google Voice.However the shortcomings of the Google Voice app are still not fixed, MMS isn’t supported yet. But still this workaround would work really well for the Voice lovers. Thanks to the awesome developer for doing that.

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