Developers can now Publish Instant Games/Apps in Play Store without a website


Google Play Store is a world of millions of apps with their own unique features and utilities. But, the Play Store itself is a versatile app with its own advanced features that are nowhere to be seen in other App Stores. For instance the support for Delta Upgrades, Play Protect, Compression algorithm and much more makes the Google Play unique. Similarly, a nifty feature that was introduced nearly two year ago is the Google Play Instant.

As an Android user, you should know that the Google Play Instant allows a Play Store visitor to try the Instant API supported apps without getting it installed on the device. In simple words, you can experience the app natively on the go without spending the bandwidth or time for its full installation. Nonetheless, there are not so many Instant Apps currently available on the Google Play Store, thanks to the certain burdens on the developer to build an Instant App. However, Google has now realized the need to simplify the Instant Apps policy so that even an Indie developers can come with their own Instant Apps/Games.

Streamlining the Developer Experience For Instant Games

Google says it as streamlining the developer experience for Instant Games. By this new initiative, Google has phased out the previous developer requirements such as need for a dedicated website, URL requirement etc. Previously, in order to publish an instant game the developer had to create a web destination for it. The website also had to be connected to the instant game through intent filters and digital asset links verification.

Obviously, such requirements are out of reach of the small-scale and indie developers. In fact, that’s the cause of Instant Apps/Games not being common even after a long two years of inception. Now, with the streamlined policy, it is no longer obligatory to add URL-based intent filters to the instant game. Instead, the Instant experience through a ‘Try Now’ button in the Play Store or Play Games apps can be hereafter linked via deep link API, and in the future through the app ads also. Literally, these changes make it much effortless for creating an Instant edition of the Apps/Games.

Moreover, Google in deed, has briefly described how a developer can publish the Instant App by making use of the deep link API on its blog post. If you’re an Android app developer don’t miss it. Before we wind up, let’s hope with the new makeover there will be more and more Instant Apps and Instant Games budding on the Google Play Store. What you guys think?

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