Does the Samsung Galaxy S22 have an SD card slot?

One of the things at least some smartphone users look forward to is the support of micro-SD cards. Although, the number of users who use SD cards have been decreased over the years. It is primarily due to increased storage variants offered with smartphones. Everyone is excited when Samsung launches its flagship Galaxy S series smartphones. In February 2022, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S22 series in an unpacked event. The series includes Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and Galaxy S22 Ultra. Many people on the internet were eager to know if it had a micro-SD card slot.

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Does the Galaxy S22 have an SD Card or Not?

You might know the answer already if you are familiar with Samsung flagships. Yes, Samsung had stopped providing micro-SD card slots with the Galaxy S20 series smartphones. Earlier, Samsung was one of those brands that used to provide micro-SD card slots with its flagships. It had removed the micro-SD card slot with the Galaxy S6 series, but those came with the next flagships. It was too early for Samsung to remove the micro-SD card slot with the Galaxy S6 series. But now, it isn’t the situation, most people are adapted to cloud storage & the base variant itself offers 128GB storage.

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Samsung offers whooping onboard storage of up to 1TB with the Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone. In contrast, other smartphones in the series have onboard storage of up to 256GB. Samsung also offers 100GB of free cloud storage for the Galaxy S22 series users for 6 months. But if you need an external device for storage on your Galaxy S22 series smartphone, you can consider USB type C pen drives. One primary reason apart from profits in removing micro-SD card slots is that it will have lower speeds than internal storage. Most people would be using cheap SD cards, and they can’t match the speed of UFS 3.1.

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