Download Good Lock 2023 for Samsung smartphones [Global Access]

Samsung is now rolling out the 2023 Good Lock app for its smartphones. The recently concluded Samsung Developer Conference (SDC22) is the event where Samsung launched it’s OneUI 5 based on Android 13. It introduced the updated Good Lock plugins for Samsung Galaxy smartphones. These plugins help its users to customize their smartphones without unlocking the bootloader. A few popular plugins of Good Lock are Camera Assistant, Theme Park, Home up, MultiStar, NotiStar, Pentastic, Bixby Routines, Clockface, and more. Here is the rollout timeline for OneUI 5.0 update for Samsung smartphones. 

download good lock 2023 for samsung smartphones [global access]

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One drawback of Good Lock was that it wasn’t enabled in most European countries. The 2023 update enables the Good Lock plugin in all those countries which weren’t unable till now. It is now available in European countries like Poland, Netherlands, Malaysia, Czech, Romania, Belgium, Kenya, and Finland. Other countries like Kenya in Africa & Malaysia in Asia will receive the 2023 Good Lock update.

The update comes with version number v2.2.04.52 and rolls out as an update in Galaxy Store. Even though Samsung is silent about the changelog, a Korean member of the Samsung community has taken out to the forum to post the changelog. Here is a detailed changelog of the update;


The 2023 update brings new plugins such as Quick Star, Nav Star, Home Up, ClockFace, and Good Lock. It also adds a new function to create their Meme in the Kids Cafe. The Camera settings can be further changed via the latest update. Some of these functions may support older OneUI-running smartphones. 

Download Samsung Good Lock 2023 App

Since it is rolling out through the Galaxy Store app, reaching all Samsung smartphones may take some time. We thought of including the download links of the same.

We hope you find the article helpful and unlock the potential of the Good Lock app. Do share the article with your friends who own Samsung Galaxy smartphones. 

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Basith Rahman PP
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