Download Magisk 18.1 and Magisk Manager 7.0: Packs new UI and EMUI9 support

Magisk – the popular, powerful and ever-improving root tool is now getting a new update. The latest Magisk 18.1 and its Manager 7.0 are here bringing substantial improvements and new capabilities. One of the main highlight being the ability to gain root access on EMUI9 bearing Huawei devices. You can Download Magisk 18.1 and Magisk Manager 7.0 from the link below.

download magisk 18.1 and magisk manager 7.0: packs new ui and emui9 support

After a prolonged existence with the same UI, the new Magisk Manager 7.0 embraces a new UI with a more modern look. The native dark mode is also slightly improved all for good. Have a look at the official changelog below.


Magisk v18.1

  • [General] Support EMUI 9.0
  • [General] Support Kirin 960 devices
  • [General] Support down to Android 4.2
  • [General] Major codebase modernization under-the-hood

Magisk Manager 7.0.0

  • Major UI redesign!
  • Render Markdown natively (no more buggy WebView!)
  • Support down to Android 4.1 (native Magisk only support Android 4.2 though)
  • Significantly improve Magisk log display performance
  • Fix post-OTA scripts for A/B devices
  • Reduce memory usages when verifying and signing boot image
  • Drop support for Magisk lower than v18.0

Considering that Huawei doesn’t allow its devices to be bootloader unlocked, the achievement is remarkable. Huawei users can now safely install Magisk. However, there is a catch. Since Huawei has changed the partitions, special workarounds need to be done. The additional workarounds are neatly explained by the dev.

Other improvements include support for the good old Android version Jelly Bean (4.2), reduced memory usage and so on. The dev has also incorporated certain fixes for the glitches that were the part of the previous release.

Download Magisk 18.1

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