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Though a calculator app isn’t something someone will put their mind on. But if you want your Calculator to run faster on any device (including old ones) with a better UI, the OnePlus Calculator is the answer for you. Moreover, it takes up less storage and has several options onboard. Also, it works fast with low processing power thus, saving battery. To mention the best, it needs no permission!

OnePlus Calculator

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Below are all the versions that the OnePlus Calculator app has received. Find your required version from the list and tap on the download button. The latest update bears the firmware version v2.1.71

Download OnePlus Calculator

  • [May 4, 2022]: Version v2.1.71

A new update for the OnePlus Calculator app is available for OxygenOS users based on Android 8.0 or later. Here is what the update brings

What’s New:

1. Updated Icon, Brand New Icon
2. Now, you can input INFINITE numbers!!!
3. Extreme UI Changes, we have added a whole new different UI that just looks like none would do!
4. Added Bad Expressions feature
5. OneUI 4.1 compatibility
6. Auto Dark mode and Light Mode based on system!
7. Added more subtle animations
8. New no history icon
9. Circular icons
10. We have made the application follow the OneUI Design Language with the UI elements of ours!
11. One handed mode
12. New delete history icon

Bugs fixed –
1. Delay of app opening and closing
2. S22 and S21 series blackscreen and freezing issue is now fixed
3. OneUI 4.1 and 4.0 complatibility added
4. app install failed fixed

Download Version v2.1.71

  • [April 4, 2022]: Version v2.1.63

OnePlus is updating the Calculator app. The build is compatible with the devices running OxygenOS based on Android 8 and later.

Download version v2.1.63

  • [March 24, 2022]: Version v2.1.68

The OnePlus Calculator app is upgrading for the global users of OxygenOS based on Android 8 or later

Download version v2.1.68

  • [March 20, 2022]: Version v2.1.67

The global users of Android 8 or newer based on OxygenOS can flash the latest update of the OnePlus Calculator app from the button below.

Download version v2.1.67

  • [March 16, 2022]: Version v2.1.60

OnePlus has again upgraded the Calculator app for the global users of OxygenOS based on Android 8 and newer.

Download version v2.1.60

  • [January 24, 2022]: Version v2.1.47

A new version of the OnePlus Calculator app is out for Android 8 and later based OxygenOS users.

Download version v2.1.47

  • [January 5, 2022]: Version v12.0.20

The Android 8 and later based OxygenOS users can hit on the button below to download the new update of the OnePlus Calculator app. Here is what it carries.

What’s New?

1. Updated Icon, Brand New Icon
2. Now, you can input INFINITE numbers!!!
3. UI Changes
4. Added Bad Expressions
5. OneUI 3.1 compatibility

Download version v12.0.20

  • [October 19, 2021]: version v2.1.25

The OnePlus Calculator is getting bumped globally with version v2.1.25. The app is compatible with devices running OxygenOS with Android 8.0 or higher version.

What’s New?

ο Updated Icon, Brand New Icon
ο Now, you can input INFINITE numbers!!!
ο UI Changes
ο Added Bad Expressions
ο OneUI 3.1 compatibility

Download version v2.1.25

  • [October 3, 2021]: version v2.0.16

A new stable version v2.0.16 is rolling out for the OnePlus Calculator app globally. The smartphones running Android 8 or later are eligible to install this update.

Download v2.0.16

  • [May 7, 2021]: Version v2.0.0.210322213558

OnePlus is releasing Version v2.0.0.210322213558 for its Calculator app which is compatible with devices that run on Android 8 or higher versions.

Download v2.0.0.210322213558

  • [March 25, 2021]: Version v2.0.0.210301232709.efcb542

If you are running Android 8 OS or any other higher version, you can flash the OnePlus Calculator app Version v2.0.0.210301232709.efcb542 from the button below

Download v2.0.0.210301232709.efcb542

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