How to set Gboard Theme as per the Wallpaper

Google’s keyboard application is known as Gboard and is the best keyboard application available for Android users. Initially, when released in 2016, it was available only for iOS users, not Android users. But later in the same year, it was made available for Android users. Even though some brands provide their keyboard application, most people prefer to use Gboard over others for various reasons like better haptics and much more. Google has been updating the app with multiple features over the years. A few years back, Google had introduced themes in the Gboard. Apart from the built-in themes, you can also download various themes from Google’s cloud storage. Further, you could also set images in your gallery as the theme in Gboard. But now, Google has introduced an update where you can dynamically update the theme according to the Wallpaper. Let’s see the way to set Gboard Theme as per the Wallpaper:


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The update comes via the new Android 12 Beta update. Earlier, there were reports that Google will introduce this feature along with the ability to copy screenshots in the clipboard. The new design is called Material You, where the You stands for personalization. Further, the new theme engine is codenamed as monet and once enabled, and it can automatically change theme colour on Gboard based on the Wallpaper. What exactly the new theme engine does is that it extracts the colours from your new Wallpaper, which you had set on your Android 12 running phone. The new theme engine will apply the colours of wallpaper to the system. And then, it will also apply to your Google keyboard.

How to change the Gboard theme automatically with the Wallpaper

As said, the new Material You theme is available for devices that run on Android 12. And as of now, the new dynamic theme option is available for Android users. There isn’t any information regarding the availability of the new theme engine to iOS users. If you don’t know how to set the new theme, then follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • To enable Gboard, head to Google search or any other application. Or you could head to the menu of Gboard by opening the Gboard app on your smartphone. If you are choosing the method, then you can skip the second step.


  • Now select the three dots icon from the Gboard.
  • After this, tap on the Themes menu.

how to set gboard theme as per the wallpaper

  • You will be able to see a new option named Dynamic colour if your device is running on Android 12.
  • Now, tap on the same option, which you can see under the Default themes option.

how to set gboard theme as per the wallpaper

  • Once you have selected the option, you will be asked to turn on or off the key borders. You can set this according to your preferences.

how to set gboard theme as per the wallpaper

  • Finally, tap on the Apply button.

how to set gboard theme as per the wallpaper

Once you have done this, open Gboard by opening Google search or other apps to view the dynamic theme, which adjusts dynamically. You can now see that the Gboard follows the colour scheme of the Wallpaper of your smartphone. However, note that the new colour scheme will apply to specific keys like the enter key, shift key, emoji key, search key, period and Backspace keys. Further, do note that the colour in these keys wouldn’t be as bright as your Wallpaper. It looks like the new changes will be seen by an enthusiastic smartphone user, not a regular user.

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