Download Realme Flash tool to manually Install Realme UI updates [Update tracker]

Realme is one of the brands which continues to use a skin on top of Google’s Android Operating system. Its Realme UI uses the base structure and file format of Oppo’s Color OS albeit being an independent brand. Consequently, it has become a nightmare for users to flash any ROM through traditional fast boot mode. This has faced a lot of discontent from the fans who are enthusiastic to try newer ROMs, Mods as the device becomes completely unusable if they get their devices bricked in the process. You can download Realme Flash tool by heading below.

download realme flash tool

However, Realme seems to have finally heeded to the user’s request as it has launched a new Realme flash tool which might no longer require a store visit for fixing a soft brick. The tool also aims to help users to update their bootloader unlocked devices to update to the latest Realme UI as the devices will no longer receive OTA updates. However, it still doesn’t support Qualcomm’s EDL mode meaning you have to unlock the bootloader on your device before trying to flash the update through this tool.

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What is a Realme Flash tool?

Realme flash tool is a recovery tool developed by Realme to help users recover their bricked devices. Though the tool needs the device to be bootloader-unlocked, it saves time for the users barring them to visit a service center to fix their device in case of a bricked device. A soft brick basically means your device shows signs of life by opening fast boot mode but gets stuck in a boot loop, or a software error where the phone becomes unusable. A Realme Flash tool will look like the image below:

download realme flash tool to manually install realme ui updates [update tracker]

Download Realme Flash Tool 

[October 20, 10, 2022]: Realme flash Tool is receiving a new update, with a fix for flash directory error and even optimizes UI experience. The version V1.0.0.4 is now available to download, and you can do so by heading to the button below.

Download v1.0.0.4

[Old Version] Disclaimer: The tool is compatible with only a few Realme devices as of now, but we can expect the tool to support various devices in the future. Realme also said that the warranty still applies after using the Official flash tool.


Install Realme UI/ ColorOS updates


  1. A USB-C to USB-A cable
  2. A PC/Laptop.
  3. Realme UI package. Make sure your download .ofp files and not .ozip files.


  1. Realme Flash tool downloaded on your PC.
  2. Backup all the important data on your smartphone.
  3. A device with Bootloader Unlocked. Visit here to know more.
  4. Verify if the fast boot is working.
  5. Ensure your device is on Android 10.
  6. Realme X50 Pro (only device supported as of now) with 60% or higher battery.

Steps to Install Realme/Color OS UI updates

  1. Download or copy the Realme UI package to your PC.
  2. Power off your device and enter Fastboot mode by pressing the Volume down and Power button at the same time.
  3. Connect your device to the PC via USB cable.
  4. Unzip the Realme Flash tool and Open the Realme Flash.exe.
  5. Click on Browse and select the Realme UI package you just placed on your PC.
  6. Press Load the device option for the Flash tool to detect your device.
  7. Click Flash and select Confirm to begin the process.
  8. Wait for the flashing to get completed. Once done, your device will reboot via the Realme UI.
  9. In case it didn’t reboot, long-press the power button on your device to force reboot or press volume key and navigate to shut down and reboot the device.

In short, the above steps will help you to update your device to the latest Realme UI or recover your device from a soft brick. Realme has said that the current flash tool only supports the device running on Android 10 but has promised to provide an alternative way to downgrade to Android 9. As per Realme, the new Realme Flash tool will support Indian devices only but XDA developers claim you can flash any snapdragon/Mediatek powered Realme devices with the flash tool.

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We hope you have fun flashing the latest UI on your device. Let us know if you have any doubts in the comments below.


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