Facebook, Twitter and Evernote Landed For Google Glass


Finally, Facebook and Twitter launched their Apps For google Glass and now you can use it by heading to My Glass Page. Yesterday Google IO, Google confirmed that some big apps are coming out the Glass way soon and they are now here.

google glass facebook twitter apps

Along with the above two alps Google Glass also received apps  from Tumblr, CNN, Elle Magazine, and Evernote. Currently Google Glass Elite users are only accessing additional apps like The New York Times and Path. Hera re some details reagrding new apps:

Facebook Google Glass App

How To Install?

You’ll first need to enable Facebook for Glass:

  1. Visit your MyGlass page.
  2. Click the Facebook card to turn it on. If you’re not logged in to Facebook, a window will open prompting you to log in.
  3. Click Allow access to confirm.

To share photos from Glass to Facebook, you’ll need to set up sharing contacts:

  1. Visit the MyGlass website.
  2. Click on the Only MeFriends and Public cards to add them as sharing contacts. If you’re under age 18, you’ll only be able to share with Only Me and Friends.


Much of Google+’s functionality will be available on Glass, including the ability to initiate Hangouts.

Twitter Google Glass App:

How To Install:

Visit your MyGlass page and turn it on. 


CNN’s app lets you subscribe to different topics, and pick the frequency in which you see those stories.

Well for more information head over to the source links.

Source: TwitterFacebook


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