How to fix LG G4 bootloop (ILAPO) issue?

What can you do if affected with LG G4 "Infinite loop Auto power off”. Know here.


LG G4, the 2015 device from the South Korean company is not devoid of any major issues. The frequent bootloop that affected the majority of LG G4 plagued the users even obliging them to file a lawsuit against the company. “Infinity Loop Auto Power Off” – this is what the issue is technically termed as it’s indeed a serious issue related to hardware. Hence, let’s see what all can be done in order to handle this wisely. Let’s see how to fix LG G4 bootloop issue (ILAPO).

LG G4 bootloop deals

In 2019, the issue won’t be relevant as it sounds but may be helpful for those who’re experiencing even now.

What Exactly is bootloop issue on LG G4 (ILAPO)?

The LG G4 turns itself off unexpectedly, then gets caught in bootup, refusing to actually make it to the Android home screen, just like how it’d happen if you’ve made false changes to system files, flash a ROM and so on.

But, the problem is that it happens with no reason all spontaneously. It effectively bricks your phone, even though it isn’t a software issue. The cause of the problem has been confirmed as a fault in the soldering of one of the connectors on the device’s main board. So, once affected with won’t turn on problem the only workaround is to change the main-board by visiting the nearest service center.

How to fix LG G4 bootloop (ILAPO)?

Nonetheless, there is a temporary solution for ILAPO devices which may help you to restore your data before giving it for repair. Interestingly, thanks to a document intended for LGE service engineers, which has been leaked online. It details a process that can sort-of fix the problem, actually helps you to recover the data. Let’s see the steps to fix LG G4 won’t turn on problem:

Recover Data (Temporary Solution)

  • If a customer wants to Data Back-up, you should use this Recovery tool. Main Board change is mandatory though.
  1. Download the recovery tool file from here.  (Inside the package is TOT files for several international G4 models, each TOT containing boot images. In the opening notes, it specifies it’s for ‘Global /All (except USA, Canada, Puerto Rico)’. Also contains install packages for LGUP and G4 flash dlls)
  2. Extract the zip downloaded abovelg g4 won't turn on
  3. Find the suitable .tot file of your device model
  4. Install the LGUP and DLL files one by one on your PC
  5. Connect your device to PC
  6. Open LGUP application
  7. Insert the .tot files on BIN tab of the LGUP
  8. Click on the Start button to initiate the flashing process.

It’s deduced that by using those files the BIG cores will be disabled literally allowing the phone to boot. Seems that the issue is with the high-performance core of the Snapdragon 808. Remember, the BLOD issue of Nexus 6P devices.

The workaround is a recovery tool method and a temporary solution. The BIG cores are to be sacrificed to enable a G4 with the ILAPO issue to continue to function with low performance. We hope you have found this guide as a problem saver for your LG G4 bootloop issue. Did you not turning on issue resolved?

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