Google Pixel 5 issues on Android 13 [Bugs Tracker]

After passing through multiple testing stages, Android 13 is finally operational for some Pixel and other Android users. However, it seems like some bugs and glitches went unnoticed, and managed to pass through all the beta phases. Likewise, the users who have updated their Pixel 5 to the latest stable OS version are facing some issues.

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To recall, the Google Pixel 4 and onward devices are eligible for the Android 13 update. This includes Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL, Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a (5G), Pixel 5, Pixel 5a, Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, and Pixel 6a. All of these smartphones are littered with over 100 bugs after updating. Therefore, we do not recommend you flash the update on your primary phone. In case, you already hit the package, wait for future developments as Google is working on getting things right.

Issues on Pixel 5 after Android 13 update

Looking for some assistance, the Pixel 5 users have taken their issues to the Pixel community. All these bugs are under Google’s eyes and the company is actively working to resolve them. Here are some prominently reported issues.


After upgrading to Android 13, the Pixel 5 is unable to get charged via the Pixel Stand. For a few users, it even showed a “not charging” message. Also, some apps are unable to open.

Bluetooth pairing

The paired Bluetooth devices are having difficulty connecting. Even when the connection is successful, the devices are continuously disappearing. This includes all smart devices, including  Garmin Fenix 7, Logitech keyboard k780, and k375, Fitbit, Tesla Mobile Key, Pixel Buds, and more.
In addition, a few devices do not show any Bluetooth icon on the top right. Even if the connection is successful, the audio is delayed. In addition, sometimes the user hear his own voice in a headset during calls

Unusual vibration

Some of the phones are lucky enough to come back to light. However, they are facing unusual vibration issues. The user complained that the Pixel 5 keeps on vibrating even when not in use or without any notification. At times, it sometimes vibrates multiple times a minute.


Reportedly, some Pixel 5 devices are dead after updating to Android 13. The device froze up and went black. It is unable to restart even when it is fully charged. In fact, the users tried charging the phone again, but it didn’t work. Some usual hacks like holding the power button and volume button, re-inserting SIM, and so on also failed to bring the phone back.

Camera not working

After upgrading to Android 13, the Pixel 5 users reported that their front camera stopped working. Afterward, the rear unit also faded away. Unfortunately, restarting the device couldn’t help them.


For those who have set the Dark Theme as default after the latest OS update, the input is barely visible. While running the USSD code from any Carrier., the text entered appears in black. As a dark theme is enabled, the background is unlit. This makes it hard for the user to see the entered text.
On the other hand, the display turned green for some other users. Furthermore, the text on the home screen is white, which is hard to read with a light background.

Battery draining

Several users have reported on multiple platforms, including Reddit and Google Pixel Community that the battery health has come down with Android 13 OS. The users complained that the battery is draining quickly and the screen time is reduced. Also, the hourly battery usage is not showing up. The phone heats up often and feels less smooth. Moreover, hourly battery usage is not displayed on some devices.

On Call issues

According to a couple of Reddit posts, Pixel 5 users are facing a problem where they are unable to press on-screen buttons while on a call. The screen keeps turning off in trying to do so.
Whereas, some other users are having the opposite issue. For them, the display switches on itself and presses some random button. The user suggests that there may be a glitch in the light sensor.

Online Payment

Adding on to the bucket of concerns, this one is quite irritating. In today’s time, online payments are the most common and convenient way to get what you want. Unfortunately, Pixel 5 users can not do that either after the Android 13 update. A few payment apps are missing some on-screen characters that makes them unable to transfer the money.

Wi-Fi glitch

Along with Bluetooth, the Wi-Fi connection is also not stable at times. As per reports, it takes several minutes for the device to connect to a network. Furthermore, the downloading and uploading speeds are incredibly slow even when using a 5G network.

Broken Photo widget 

For easy access to any app, we have widgets on our phones. But after installing the Android 13 update, the photo widget is broken for a few users. The widget is unable to load and it drains the battery even faster. Unfortunately, re-adding the widget, restarting, and powering off the device didn’t help.

Freeze notification clock

After upgrading to Android 13 OS, the notification clock started to freeze. Precisely, after restarting the phone, the clock on the lock screen has stopped dead and does not change. Although normally the clock in the Settings and other apps works normally. The user has to reset the phone several times. However, the issue keeps coming up.

Screenshot failure

The Pixel 5 users operating on Android 13 are failing to take screenshots on their devices. Usually, clicking the power and volume buttons together is how you capture the screen. However, the process is not working as the system is displaying a “couldn’t save screenshot” or”fail to take the screenshot” message. In order to show the glitch, the user had to use a third-party app.

Potential Resolution

For the time being, restarting your device can temporarily fix the issues. However, some devices even got stuck while restarting over and over again. For connectivity glitches, you can try resetting the connection multiple times. Although that will not resolve your concern. Besides the above-mentioned problems, there are a lot more like:

Other issues

  • One speaker not working
  • Microphone malfunctioning
  • Unusual hang
  • Constantly restarting
  • Apps not responding
  • Overheating
  • Sound lagging
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Consider yourself fortunate if you have not yet received the Android 13 update as all of these glitches can exploit your overall user experience. As a matter of fact, Google is also trying to stop users from upgrading to the latest stable OS. Also, the company is working to make the version operational. Meanwhile, we advise you to stay on Android 12.

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