Galaxy J 2017 devices scheduled to get Android Oreo update on July

Samsung is yet to update major portion of its eligible Galaxy devices to the latest Android Oreo. Given that, at least two of the S-Series and A-Series devices have received the coveted update somewhere around in gone days. The situation is worse considering the budget-centric J-Series devices, as none of them belonging to this family have not been blessed with the major update till now.

galaxy j 2017 devices scheduled to get android oreo update on july

Nonetheless, a latest update suggests us that the Oreo will be coming to J-Series device around July this year. As usual, the news comes from Guncelmiyiz, which is a website run by Samsung Turkey basically providing the road map of Android Oreo update to devices in that region.

As per the road-map, the Android Oreo 8.0 update for 2017 iterations of Galaxy J7, J5 and J3 have entered into the testing phase. The tentative date of the stable roll-out is given as July 13, 2018 for the all three devices. Here, we never take this date seriously as Turkey receives major updates a little late compared to the pilot region where initial development of firmware is carried out. Hence, we could expect that the original roll-out may happen earlier than the given date in some other regions.

By this road-map, it’s quite assured that the J7 Pro, J5 Pro and J3 2017 are, in deed, destined to taste the Android Oreo. When and where the update will arrive first, is something which we shouldn’t bother as of now. Let’s be finger crossed and believe that Samsung will expand the list incorporating some budget as well as mid-range devices launched in 2016.

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