Galaxy Note 8 skins already available for pre-order with dbrand


Samsung’s upcoming Note device is expected to be released in late August this year. While the Galaxy Note 7 proved to be a disaster for the South-Korean tech giant, it has got lot of expectations from the impending Galaxy Note 8. Recent rumors indicate the device to closely resemble Galaxy S8 and S8+ featuring Infinity display. The device is highly speculated to be the first Samsung device sporting dual-cameras on the rear. While the expected release date is around a month away. Dbrand, an American maker of custom skins for smartphones, is already accepting pre-orders for Note 8 skins.


The popular custom skin maker company, dbrand saysThe Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is inevitably going to slip out of your hands at some point. Even if by some miracle it doesn’t, you’ll spend endless time wiping the fingerprints off the glass back. That’s where we come in, with our Samsung Galaxy Note 8 skins.”

The company also promises Samsung Galaxy Note 8 skins from dbrand to be made with premium vinyl material. Which is simple to install and leaves no sticky mess upon removal.

In a similar instance, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices that were released earlier this year, dbrand started taking pre-orders for the skins, well before the smartphones were officially released. The smartphones when launched officially, have identical design as revealed by the dbrand skins. So, there are good chances that the upcoming Note 8 will closely resemble the recently launched dbrand skins.

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