Google Added New Developer Guidelines For Tablets In Play Develoepr Panel


Google has updated some guidelines aka optimization tips for Android Tablets in their Play Developer Panel. SO now if you’re going to publish App for both Mobile and Tablets or only for Tablets than must look at new guidelines as they are for developers in order to make t their apps much more compatible with Tablets.

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Now developers can upload screenshots of their applications running on 7-inch and 10-inch tablets to the Google Play developer console. It seems that Google is now drifting towards tablet market as they starting to see the value of building a great tablet experience.

Google even has a way to identify tablet-friendly apps in the Play Store with the developer verification. SO guys develop more tablet friendly apps with keeping in mind the below mentioned points:

At a minimum, customize dimensions such as font sizes, margins, spacing for larger screens, to improve use of space and content legibility.

  • Adjust positioning of UI controls so that they are easily accessible to users when holding a tablet, such as toward the sides when in landscape orientation.
  • Padding of UI elements should normally be larger on tablets than on handsets. A 48dp rhythm (and a 16dp grid) is recommended.
  • Adequately pad text content so that it is not aligned directly along screen edges. Use a minimum 16dp padding around content near screen edges.
For more you can head over to the Google Develoeprs blog where they are detailing it.


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