Latest Google Allo update testing edit button for images in chat


Even though there are not a lot of active users for Allo as much as there are for other messaging apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, Google constantly updates the app with new features.

Following the addition of quick selfie effects in the previous update, Allo now gets an edit button on the top right corner of shared images and stickers from within the app. While the edit button appears on all images, only a few stickers get it.

allo new updateWhen you click on the new button, you will be taken to the edit window where you can modify the image or add some stickers or text to it. This updated image could now be shared with the same group or a different one.

You can also access this feature by long pressing the intended image and then selecting the share to Allo option from the menu. However using the edit button is much quicker and seems practical.

allo new updateThe new feature could be useful in certain situations where someone doesn’t understand your image so that you resend it modifying the image or by adding a textual hint. However, the edit button is only visible for a very few people as of now.

So, if you are on the latest Google Allo version 15 and you can spot the new edit button, then you must be one among the lucky few. Let us know in the comments below about your thoughts on this new update.


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