Google+ Android App Update Adds Improved Photo Tools And Auto Backup


Google has rolled out update for its Google+ Android App with new enhancement feature for photos and some other changes. New version of the app includes some changes which Google rolled out on web version of the Google+ Social Network. This update allows you to use some features which were announced at Google IO 2013.

google plus image refinemetn

Google+ Android App now allows you to add images by doing some refinement in the images automatically. You can auto Backup, to safely and privately store your photos as you snap them and as said above it will auto enhance your images to make subtle improvements to the people and places in your images, automatically. You can also create fun new versions of the images like animations and panoramas through your Android device.

google+ location tab on android app

Google+ Android App Update also includes new location sharing feature which allows you to see the location of the friend under a new “Locations” section in the Android app.

google+ android app auto hastag

Another refinement through this Google+ Android App update is the addition of auto hashtags on the side of the post — allowing you to surf the network with easy clicking. Additionally, Check out Google Maps 2013 new Look hands On.

Download the Google+ Android App Update: Play Store


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