UnderWater Google Maps Will Be Here Soon


Recently rumored news is that we will be getting under water maps by Google. Google recently teamed up with Catlin Seaview Survey for this big great project. Google is working on mapping the Great Barrier Reef and now it has up to six locations overall currently in the works. Which means that 6 of the locations will be covered soon and will be online for review for experts too.

The mapping is done by humans for now by deep sea divers, being specific. But Google is trying to build something that can capture images under sea with high pressure and without even getting out of water for 12 hours or more. For now they are planning to make a Under water car, Driver less submarine kind of things. that may be automated by wireless and can capture nice and brilliant images for Google maps. for now we are just waiting for this to go online.

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Checkout our hands on with the new Google Maps 2013 layout here.


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