Google Announced the Project Ara Conference


Google has been working on the project Ara since quite a bit of time now. The Ara, a project to build a new modular smartphone which had been started at the time when Motorola was acquired by the search engine giant.


And now Google has scheduled the Ara Developers Conference on April 15-16. The conference would be held in Mountain View, California, and also the live stream would be fetched to the users who cannot attend it. According to a report by Google, the project Ara is designed for 6 billion people.

Google also said, that it is focusing on alpha version of Ara Module Developers’ Kit (MDK), which will be uploaded on the internet as a free platform. It will guide the developers on how to develop an Ara module. Also the search engine giant want developers and firms “all shapes and sizes”, to give the project a bump start. We will see what happens next in the conference.


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