Google App For Android Update Brings Offline Voice Commands


Google’s newest update has brought bunch of new features among them Voice offline search is the one of the main features. Now, you can open applications, toggle down volume and other system operations can be performed through Offline Voice Search.

Google Vocie offline commands

Earlier, it was restricted only to some extent but now it is available for some more options. Groundbreaking things is that now Offline Voice search works even when your device is on Airplane mode. You can do dozens of things on your phone without having any kind of connectivity with outer world.

Now, this is the thing that Google has just quietly rolled out. There are lot of things that you can do without internet but until now they were synced with the Internet. Now that sync is removed and Google Voice can perform phone oriented functions even when you are offline.

So for what you are waiting now. Just head over to the Play Store and update your Google for Android App.

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