Google To bring Upgraded Glass Hardware, Offers Free Exchange to Existing Users


Google has recently revealed that its gonna release a new and very much better upgraded version of the Google Glass with some hardware changes. The hardware now will work with future lines of shades and prescription frames. So you have already bought the Old Google Glass and now repenting for the new hardware? Dont worry Google has a big heart for its customers, As Google is offering a one time free swap of the old Google glass with the new Google glass and that too for FREE.


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For now there are no images of the upgraded Google Glass and for now Google will be informing its customers to swap Google Glass by next month.

This is what Google Glass G+ Team Posted on Google Plus a while earlier.

“We’ve been experimenting with ways to expand the Explorer Program and it’s been going really well. So over the next few weeks, all Explorers will have the opportunity to invite three friends to join the program. They’ll be able to buy Glass online and can have it shipped to their home, office, treehouse or igloo,”

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