Google Camera v4.4 in the Play Store brings selfie flash, double-tap to zoom and more

Google is now rolling out the v 4.4 for its Camera app to the general populace. The new update brings some small changes that give the users different choices while going about doing their stuff. There is a selfie-flash, double-tap to zoom, toggle to switch between photos and videos and some other small changes.

google camera v4.4 in the play store brings selfie flash, double-tap to zoom and moreThe new update can now brighten the screen to brighten up your already glowing face. So this is not your conventional flash but it can help. Needless to say, low light places will need this feature. But there is only so much brightness a screen can emit. Just enable flash to use it.

The double tap to zoom just provides you a shortcut so you don’t have to move your finger on a bar to zoom. It will magnify an image to 50% immediately. The toggle to switch between photo and video mode seems a bit better than the swipe gesture but I guess everyone has his own taste. So you can still use the old gesture too.

Apart from that, the shutter button is a bit bigger. Keep in mind that the app is made for Pixel and Nexus devices. As such if you get it to work on other devices it will still not give you the same image qualities. If you do have a Pixel or Nexus device you can try this link out.


Abdul Qayyum
Abdul Qayyum
Hi, I am A. Qayyum. My fascination with new gadgets is older than I can remember. It is also the driving force for me as an Android Tech Blogger. Other obsessions include Italian Pizzas and Clash of Clans.


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