Google Chrome gets ‘Privacy Screen’ for Incognito mode, but there’s a catch yet

Incognito Mode is one of the most used features on the Chrome browser. It allows user to keep their browsing history, cookies and site data, or information inaccessible to the website they are browsing. In other words, it is an excellent feature that helps to keep our data safe. Google is now taking this feature a little more ahead by introducing a ‘Privacy Screen’ in incognito mode.

google chrome gets 'privacy screen' for incognito mode, but there's a catch yet

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Now the user gets the ability to lock their incognito tabs while leaving the Chrome app. This is mainly done to ensure that the information in those tabs isn’t accessible to others. Similar features previously existed on the iOS device in the name of Privacy Screen. Once the feature is enabled, the device requires access to Touch or Face ID authentication.


The latest feature in Chrome is more or less similar to that, but the feature is not yet accessible directly. The user needs to toggle the respective chrome://flags. Once the incognito tabs are locked, they require either passcode or facial recognition to unlock. Here you have to provide the passcode or the fingerprint.

To enable ‘Privacy Screen’ on Chrome for Android

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Privacy and security 
  • Then, select the Lock Incognito tabs when you leave Chrome

Returning to the ordinary tabs is another option, and “Close Incognito Tabs” is still available in from the overflow menu. The locking of incognito tabs isn’t globally available yet but you can access it with the following chrome tag.


As the flag is available in the stable version, a launch is most likely soon (Chrome 105).

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The feature is already live on iOS with Google Search, Google Chrome, GDrive, Fi, and Authenticator (2FA codes) apps for iOS. However, Android seems a bit late in receiving the feature but it’s better late than never.


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