Google Chrome Update brings Spectre Fix to Android and Windows OS


Recently some info has appeared online according to which soon Google’s Chrome browser for Android will display the notification for chats and all. This time some new details are there and they are about the Chrome as well. It looks like there is some development always going on for the Chrome browser. The browser even received software updates very rapidly. This time Google has provided a security feature which brings the spectre fix. So without wasting any time let’s check out more about it.

This new version update is available for both Android and Windows OS(PC). The mobile version of the app brings an effective fix for the spectre vulnerability where the PC version brings “Not secure” for all HTTP pages. This update brings a new security feature which renders pages in separate processes and is known as the Site Isolation. It works in a straightforward manner and stops any infected source to grant your personal data including login details, cookies, etc. It needs to be turned on manually by going to the flags option.

Compared to the old 42% now almost 76% of traffic on Chrome browser is secured. Chrome’s not secure warning always informs you about the websites which are not secure. HTTPS was implemented a long back and since then it has helped the user community a lot. At present 83 of the top 100 websites are using HTTPS by default compared to the old 37. As suggested by Google’s source, from October 2018 onwards Chrome will start displaying a Red colored “Not Secure” warning. For more Android news stay tuned to us.


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