How to Fix ‘WebGL hit a snag’ Error in Chrome


Google Chrome is the widely used browser across many platforms. That doesn’t mean it has no problems and errors. One of the most common and annoying error is the WebGL hit a snag error. If you are one of those people facing that error and looking for a fix, you are in the right place. Today, in this article of we will let you know How to fix WebGL hit a snag error in Chrome.

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Google Chrome is used on around 60-70% Windows OS machines all around the world. It caters for more than half of the internet users who are browsing the web. As the platform is used by many users, obviously, there are going to be some errors in Chrome. Hence, we have created a definite step-by-step guide to fix WebGL hit a snag error on the Chrome.

What Is WebGL And Its Importance?

Before heading to the fix, let us understand what is WebGL and its importance. The WebGL is a JavaScript API which enables the computer’s GPU to render high graphics content on the web. This API is designed and maintained by a non-profit organization known as Khronos Group.

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The WebGL API is responsible for almost all the 2D and 3D graphical content on the web. As we mentioned earlier, it improves the performance of the browsers to render high graphics content by utilizing the machine’s GPU. And it works flawlessly without any plugin or add-on. In case you do not know, WebGL stands for Web Graphics Library.

Now, as we know what is WebGL and its importance let us take a look at the WebGL hit a snag error and fixes for it.

How To Fix WebGL Hit A Snag Error In Chrome? 

We have listed four fixes for the WebGL hit a snag error below. We are pretty sure that at least one of them will work for you.

1. Disable Hardware Acceleration

google chrome disable hardware acceleration

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Go to Settings -> Advanced
  • Disable hardware acceleration from System section
  • Finally, relaunch Google Chrome to apply the change

2. Disable WebGL Draft Extensions

chrome disable webgl draft extensions

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Type chrome://flags in the URL bar and hit Enter key
  • Search for WebGL Draft Extensions and disable it.
  • Lastly, relaunch Google Chrome to apply the change.

3. Reset Google Chrome

google chrome reset webgl hit a snag

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Go to Settings -> Advanced
  • Select Reset and clean up

4. Update/Re-install Google Chrome


  • Open Google Chrome
  • Go to Help -> About Google Chrome
  • Update Google Chrome if available


  • Uninstall Google Chrome from your computer
  • Visit this link, download the latest version of Google Chrome and install it again.

Hope, we helped you to fix WebGL hit a snag error in Chrome. If you have doubt or query, feel free to comment below.

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