Google Chromecast Exploited; Runs Android Not Chrome OS


Google recently announced the TV streaming device known as Google Chromecast. Well, despite its name, nothing matches with Chrome. According to the GTV Hacker team, who exploited the $35 dongle, revealed that it runs on Android not ChromeOS. So why google named it Google Chromecast? Checkout the detailed video embedded below for more info:

GTVHacker has rooted the thing, opening up possibilities for future hacks that could make the already amazing device even more amazing. According to guys who rooted Google Chromecast said, “the bootloader, kernel, init scripts, binaries, are all from the Google TV“, but you won’t be able to install APKs. 

Its an impressive device as its small, inexpensive device that lets you stream HD video off your device onto your television.

Currently nothing more is revealed but We hope would definitely build custom firmware for it. Currently they are warming up!! So wait, watch and Stay connected.



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