Google Glass And Its Implications On Privacy


Another instance of Google’s innovative technology, Google Glass is a wearable device that brings all sorts of data from PCs as well as other data related portable devices such as tablets right before your eyes from practically anywhere.

Google Glass and Its Features

This particular piece of wearable technology has a built-in camera, battery, touchpad, microphone and display. These features enable one to film and take pictures of what is in front of them and share them online instantly. It also aids for translation as well as searching on the go. This wearable technology recognizes voice command and is quite easy to use.

However, there has been a lot of fuss surrounding its release. A number of experts have described it as a life changing piece of technology considering its massive capabilities. On the other hand, there are those that are not for the idea of using this particular gadget claiming that it tends to breach the privacy policy.

Google Glass and Privacy

Some have gone ahead to state that Google Glass also brings about insecurity. As a matter of fact, the Australian privacy regulators are set to battle Google over the release of this wearable technology on the basis that it promotes insecurity as well as covert filming.

With gadget fans highly anticipating the release of this piece of technology and already warming up to the idea, there are still forces that are highly against using the Glass. With all this controversy, the main question remains to be whether or not the Google Glass interferes with privacy of the majority.

Whether or not it does, it is still obvious that Glass will be one of the leading products in the wearable technology category. As a matter of fact, the Glass is already a major hit with rumors going round that a number of Google competitors are already using reverse engineering to come up with their own Glass models. This shows that in the next two years or so, there will be a massive influx of various Glass brands all over.

One expert recently stated that people already feel awkward in the streets nowadays with a couple of CCTVs in various buildings and streets. Now imagine what it would be like with thousands of people on the streets wearing CCTVs; it will be chaotic! People will be in a position to broadcast what others are doing without their consent. Others deem this to be wrong simply because most people will be doing this against the wishes of the rest.

Some specialists have also brought forward their concerns claiming that the Glass will cause people to change how it is they normally behave in public with fear of “being watched”. All these might or might not be true but one thing is for sure, the Google Glass is a product of Google; a company that is not new to privacy controversies!

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