Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2nd generation appears at FCC, publish some details


It seems AR industry is again going to pick up some pace. After Huawei showed its interest, now it seems Google is also going to unveil their 2nd generation Google Glass enterprise Edition. It has made an appearance on the FCC certification website. Today, it seems to be a day for an AR, as Huawei has given a timeline of 2 years to bring its augmented glasses for commercial purposes.

gg2 glass enterprise edition

The new generation Google Glass Enterprise Edition carries the same design as like of the current enterprise Edition. It is modeled numbered as A4R-GG2 with a power button on th, Glass logo inside and a button and hinge mechanism.

There are no more details about the device’s actual hardware, but it seems that it carries improved specs. Mainly, it will come with a better battery backup and upgraded core features.

Many things are still under the wraps, and we expect in the upcoming days we will get to know about some of its features. It’s predecessor, and Google Glass Enterprise 1st edition packs an audible speaker, dual-band WiFi, 32GB storage, 780 mAh battery, and an Intel Atom processor. So, as reported by some sources, there will be something more potent in the upcoming alteration for the Google Glasses.

On the other hand, Apple is also preparing to launch AR glasses. While Facebook s not far behind, internal sources claim that the social media company is developing an AR-based Goggles.



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