Google+ Hangouts Coming Soon Features: SMS Integration And Outgoing Calls


Yesterday at Google IO 2013 Day 1st, Google unveiled and launched Google+ hangouts which unites Google Chat and Google+ to a Single client. As according to the official announcement its also confirmed that Google will soon reveal SMS integration and Outgoing calls like features on its newly launched new Chat Client.

google hangouts

Googler Dori Storbeck, Community Manager for Google+ Hangouts and Chat, has confirmed in a Google+ post that SMS integration will eventually be headed to the new messaging app.  We already received some indications while installing the app on Android, it already requires uses to give the app permission to read and send SMS messages before installation and it even inquires about mobile number before starting the app.

So now it seems like Google will integrate its Voice service to the Hangout App and ultimately both of the products will get popular.

The app was launched yesterday and it is available for and it’s available for Android, iOS, and Chrome.

Source: +Dori Storbeck


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