Google Inc Acquires French Startup FlexyCore


As far as reports are concerned, from our French friends Google  has acquired the French start-up FlexyCore. The French Start up is well known and is one of the best system optimzers in the Androidosphere. But, the subtended matter is their Android performance enhancement solution droidBooster. Droidbooster was available to the manufacturers so as to enhance and speed-up their phones.

google acquires

According to L’Expansion, the deal between Google and the FlexyCore team was done in-between this month, and the team has shifted their base from France to Google HQ in US. While the transaction details haven’t been known yet, L’Expansion claims that the French start-up was sold for around $23 Million (€16.9 Million).

Well, but it does fits on Google planning to better optimise Android for low-end devices as of Android 4.4 Kitkat. According to ARM website, FlexyCore’s droidBooster apparently increases the performance of an Android device by up to ten times, which is more than a stunner.

Google has confirmed the acquisition to tech blog Gigaom.

“The FlexyCore team has strong expertise in building software to optimize Android device performance, and we think they’d be a great fit with our team,” Google told Gigaom in a statement.

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