Google Introduces “More Protection from Unwanted Software” Feature

Secure and safe browsing not only includes safe browsing of web sites but also includes downloading the correct and verified Software. Unwanted Software harmfully attack your computer systems, make undesirable changes in it and sometimes also result in loss of data and incorrect outputs.
In order to keep you safe and away from websites that offer nefarious downloads, Google has expanded its SafeBrowsing feature to Chrome, Search, and ads as well.

safebrowsing by google

CHROME : Till now we used to receive a warning notice before downloading any unwanted software. Now Chrome will show you a new warning before you visit a site that encourages downloads of unwanted software. This warning will something look like –

Search: Google Search will not prefer to display those sites in search results that contain any kind of malware or unwanted download. Google now incorporates signals that identify such deceptive sites. Hence this feature will protect you at the very first step of reaching to any website.

Ads: Google will disable all the ads that conatin unwanted downloads or those lead to sites with unanted software.

While giving a warning to all the site owners, Google in a blog said that, “If you’re a site owner, we recommend that you register your site with Google Webmaster Tools. This will help you stay informed when we find something on your site that leads people to download unwanted software, and will provide you with helpful tips to resolve such issues. We’re constantly working to keep people safe across the web. Read more about Safe Browsing technology and our work to protect users here.”


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