Google introduces Triangle a Data-Saving App


Google has lately released a new app that helps better managing the mobile data used by your smartphone. The app named ‘Triangle’ works as a data-saver for users who buy a limited amount data from their carrier. The app is currently being tested in the Philippines and may be made available in other emerging markets.

The Triangle app lets you check your current data usage and notifies what apps are consuming more data. The app allows you to block individual apps from using your mobile data. It also provides an option where you may restrict a particular app to use data for not more than 10 or 30 minutes at a time. If you are left with enough data in your monthly plan, you may choose ‘Always’ as an option.

Google released this app specifically for users located in developing countries where Wi-Fi and unlimited data packs are not very common when compared to developed countries like the U.S. and also carry a hefty price tag. This app helps users with limited data access to make the most of their data and provides one more reason to cherish for.

As a reward, Google is offering 100MB of free mobile data after you successfully complete registration on the app. The users will also be awarded additional data on using some specific apps. Moreover, the users may explore what apps they should install in order to claim additional data rewards.

If you are located in the Philippines and want to try out this app, you may download it here.

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