Google Maps 2013 Update: Hands On

Google Maps have been renovated after the Very interesting presentation of the update in the keynote presentation on 15th of this month. Taking a hands we wrote this review about what saw changes between the old and the new version.  So lets see what’s new in Google Maps 2013 Update:

Google Maps powered with new looks

google maps 2013 update: hands on

One can just know that Google maps just recently got a make over just after vising is firstly and further he starts loving the layout and experience in just few seconds when he starts typing a place to search or get directions in the floating search bar embedded in the map screen. Also the full screen view just blows up the 1st time visitor to these new maps as we are never usually to see these maps in a full screen mode.   The Thumbnail we see at the bottom are the related pics uploaded by the users of the place we are searching for. Being logged in it compiles our history and suggests us places we visited lately in the drop down of the search bar itself.

Info Cards : For better Online Presence

I find this part the best. As we write any business organization or a very well known brands name we just get their out of 5 rating their street view’s best image and the description of the term we are onto search in the drop down of the search bar suggesting you the firm directly.

new google maps 2013 info card

when we click over a place in our map we directly get its insights in the search bar drop down with improved new 5 star rating. This can be very beneficial for traders and retailers with good  online presence and good customer support.Also the new Google Maps learn from your preferences,visits and responses and accordingly where you visited and what you do and accordingly it alters its recommendation for you that cuts the spamming point there.

Magnificent  Street View

Images will be playing a very spectacular role in the new Google maps layout. whenever we mean to a place like say a restaurant, we will be getting recent and the best street view pictures at the bottom with a carousel of images which are visually very brilliant. The images include those that Google Maps has taken by public , public images uploaded to Google+ and Picasa, as well as Photo Spheres (a 360-degree photo typically of the inside of a building) taken by Android owners.

new google maps 2013 magnificent street view

Yes now we can see an inner view of any building by just zooming into it ! The view is purely acceptable. Another awesome feature we have is the new street view which is more better and more efficient now.

Directions : Made Better

The Google Maps offer us many ways to travel (as they earlier did) but now they have a better than before, more precised, more accurate.

new google maps 2013 directions made better

The new update gives us directions and also tells us that in what parts and proportions of total distance is t be traveled on different means of transport. For public transportation, you can visually compare trips based on number of transfers, walking distance and total travel time –  This can be valued as a very useful part for people who travel by public transport very usually.

To Enjoy Google Maps Just Sign Up and Request for an invite now. Also check out what happened at Google IO 2013 here.

Also share your views about Google Maps 2013 Update via comments below.

Umpreet Singh
Umpreet Singh
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