Google Maps Refreshed User Interface Coming ?


According to recent reports its believed that Google may roll out update to its favourite Utility product — Google Maps. Sources also claim that Google Maps upgrade will integrate Google+ and will bring refreshed User interface to make it more easier to use.


In detail, update will remove the sidebar and will display everything on top of the full-screen map. Now, it will include a floating search bar only along the full screen map behind it. Its seems that now most of the functions or features will rely on the search bar.

Most important is the integration with the Google+ to filter search results to locations recommended by your friends. Bbove screenshot are of desktop version but we think that soon after the initial rollout on web it will get onto the mobile devices.


Currently the Mountain View-based company has yet to confirm the the upcoming update to Google Maps. Well we believe that Google will announce new Maps at the Google IO conference happening next week.


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