Google May Launch Nexus 8 this April


Google may launch Nexus 8 at the end of April this year as Nexus 7 (2013) sales disappoints the heads at Google. It will be of 8 inch Tablet to avoid price competition in the 7-inch segment. According to Sources the Nexus 7 has  sales of around 3 million units which is way below expectations. The share of compact tablets with 7 to 8-inch displays have grown as they are easy to hold in the hands when compared to full-sized 10-inch devices and now competition has increased in this segment. Nexus 8

According to Source, the Asus made tablet is expected to ship two million units starting out and should arrive at the end of April. Even though it’s rumoured that HTC has won the bid for a new Nexus tablet but now it looks like Asus will be making this one.

Additionally, Google Chromecast is rumoured to be launched in the UK near around 1st of March.

Source – Digitimes

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