Google Multiple LED Patent Accepted


multiple led flashes 1

Google has successfully owned one more patent. This time Google registered Multiple LED  for mobile devices patent. So now get ready to see multiple flashes on Nexus devices. Here’s UPSTO described patent:

A mobile communication device includes a wireless communication interface arranged to transmit and receive data with a wireless data network; a microprocessor in operable connection with memory storing one or more computer applications that include a digital image capture application; a housing at least partially surrounding the wireless communication interface and the microprocessor and defining an outer surface for the mobile communication device; a camera lens in an aperture in the housing and arranged on a first side of the wireless communication device and located at least partially in the housing, and serving as a centerpoint for an intersection of a pair of axes that define four quadrants; and a plurality of flash generating devices on the first side of, and on the outer surface of, the wireless communication device, two of the flash generating devices located in quadrants that are positioned opposite of, and not adjacent to, each other.

It will give you a composite images from your camera. It’s a unique take on 3D imaging without the need for two sensors.

multiple led flashes 2

So if we watch it technically then picture quality will get more awesome as shadows from other sides will get eliminated. Further it will help to generate Xenon like flash with various LED flashed around the camera. TO get more information regarding patent you need to head over to UPSTO.


  1. Woow…….Nexus s simple camera
    Galaxy Nexus with high quality camera with panorama then Nexus 4 super high quality camera with panorama 360° then Nexus ?? Key lime pie with super duper high quality camera with multiple flash for complete 3D pictures, you guys are doing awesome
    Love u Google and Android !!


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