Google Pixel 7 misses 5G standard support but could get with Android 14

Google Pixel 7 users are disappointed with the fact that the Pixel 7 is not supporting the 5G standard. As users were expecting to get fast 5G network speed. The 3GPP develops broadband standards for mobile, with 5G as the top focus. Standards are implemented as ‘releases’, with an older 3GPP Release 15 for the Pixel 7. The first 5G Standard Release 15 was announced in June 2018. Certainly, Release 16 was released in July 2020. Further, Qualcomm added Snapdragon X65 support in 2021 and a Snapdragon X70 modem. However, it is reported that the new Android 14 could bring 5G Standard eligibility for the Pixel 7.

Subsequently, Release 17 was released in June 2022, as a result, Release 18 is expected to be released by 2024. Release 16 was stated as an introduction of a ‘plethora of enhancements to the foundational aspects of the 5G system, in terms of coverage, capacity, latency, power, mobility, reliability, ease of deployment, and more” by Qualcomm.

google pixel 7 - 5g standard (the go android)
Google Pixel 7 – 5G Standard (The Go Android)

A Google employee on Thursday responded that the Pixel 7 supports Release 15 for ‘initial launch’, on the Android 13 QPR issue tracker. Eventually, the Samsung website confirms that the modem is 3GPP Release 16-compliant. Additionally, Google Support added that ‘3GPP Release 16 will be implemented in the Android 14/U release”. The Pixel 8 is also rumored to have the same Samsung Exynos 5300 modem with its Google Tensor G3 custom chipset.

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