Google Play Store v14.5.52 brings Material Theme and APEX Packages!


Google offers many services to all of its users such as Google Drive, Gmail and many more. Google had recently started to apply a material theme redesign for Google apps like Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Drive, Google Keep, Google Home, Calculator, Project Fi, Files, Google Calendar and many more apps. The latest app which is going to join this list of apps is going to be the Google Play Store, but there’s more as developers over at XDA have discovered some update related strings within the app which will give the Android users the ability to install Apex Packages directly from Google Play Store.

The App Info page will now be featuring the all-new Google Sans font. There is now a broader button for installing apps. The download indicator has also been modified, as it is now circular around the app icon. Also, a new App Permission Section has been introduced

In addition to these above UI changes by Google, 9to5Google with developers at XDA have found certain strings in the source code. These below strings have been interpreted to support initiating full Android system updates for devices from Google Play Store.

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<string name=”system_update_page_title”>System Update</string>
<string name=”system_update_page_download_button”>Download & Install</string>
<string name=”system_update_page_initializing_status”>Preparing…</string>
<string name=”system_update_page_installing_status”>Installing… Device will restart soon.</string>
<string name=”system_update_page_successful_status”>All good! Update complete.</string>
<string name=”system_update_page_error_status”>Sorry, something went wrong! Try again later.</string>

The team of developers at XDA are assuming that these strings have been introduced in the code to be providing support for the new Apex packages which are already live in Android Q Beta. There are 6 APEX packages currently within Android Q, and OEMs shall use these packages soon as some sources are to be reporting. Therefore telling us the fact that the system update that is being referred to in these strings in the code likely there for updating APEX modules, which are indeed installing system libraries, directly from the Google Play Store.

Play Store 14.5.52 APK

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