Google Promoting I/O Event With Special Codes And Endless Easter Eggs


Google I/O 2013 is scheduled for couples of months later but Google has started preparations to make it a hit again. This time Google is using special codes and Endless Easter eggs to promote Google I/O event.

google io 2013

To enter the main you need to head over to the main site of Google I/O and then click on I and O logo after which you will find all promotional content. In order to proceed ahead you need figure out the right code and you will get a Easter Egg, the big I and O are interactive, but it’s a code. Along with there are some special sound effects also

Registration of Google I/O 2013 event will opens on March 13th at 10AM ET. Event will held from May 15-17.

So guys what are you expecting from Event this year? We are expecting Android 4.5 or 5.0 Key Lime Pie and new Nexus device.

Surf yourself here.


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